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We have expertise in multiple Cloud Platforms, so we are not beholden to any one vendor. We don't believe there are short-cuts to earning trust.

Process Minded

We believe that sound business processes are more important than the software used to automate them. We are not interested in a quick software sale. Instead, we want to leave our clients with solutions that make them money.


We have decades of experience working with business technology in a variety of industries as well as years of experience in training. Our founder even studied programming at college at night when he was only 12 years old.

Proven Method

We follow the tried and true Journey of Technology Methodology which eliminates wasted time and money by properly ordering the stages of technology selection and implementation

The Premier CRM Solution for Small Business

With its suite of 40 applications, Zoho CRM is easily extended an integrated to help you manage all aspects of your business, from marketing and event planning to customer support and project management. Of all the CRM products on the market, Zoho provides unparalleled value while being amazingly affordable. It is an ideal solution for most small businesses.

The Most Powerful CRM Platform

Salesforce is more than the leading CRM solution on the market today. It's a suite of powerful and flexible applications built on an extensible platform. it is more expensive than many CRM systems on the market, but this is easily justified by the results organizations have achieved with Salesforce. This is an ideal solution for Large organizations or those with a complex sales process.

The Leading IP Telephony Platform for Business

Not only does RingCentral Save on communication costs, it offers tons of features to give an company of any size a full enterprise communication solution including Fax, Visual Voicemail, and Automated Call Routing. Year after year, RingCentral is the Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Unified Communications as a Service. Whether you are running a home office, have reps around the country, or need a full call center solution, RingCentral gets it done professionally and affordably.

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The Leading Dedicated Customer Support Solution

Need a simple to use, affordable, flexible and powerful Customer Support System? That is where ZenDesk excels. Agents will have the information they need at their fingertips. Managers will be alerted when an issue is taking too long to be resolved. Zendesk helps you measure and master your service KPIs.

A Low Cost and Simple Sales & Marketing Tool for Realtors and Small Teams

Need an entry level CRM solution for yourself and maybe a small team? LionDesk is a great option. It's designed to help Realtors shine, with Video marketing by SMS or Email and easy to manage nurture marketing templates.. It's amazingly easy to use and affordable. Even Non-realtors who want a simple solution should take a look at all that LionDesk can do.

We Customize Your Ideal Solution and Provide Training to Ensure Your ROI

The truth is that software that is not mapped to your business processes forces you to change the way you work. Clearly, that is not ideal. Not only do we help with this, we help you to customize your interfaces so that the systems are easier to use, set up automation to minimize boring or repetitive tasks, and provide training so that your users don't just tolerate, but embrace your new revenue boosting system.

Raging Sanity Consulting Services

Collectively, our team has decades of experience in technology implementations, project management and training. We aim to be your trusted advisers. If there is something we don’t know, we will tell you, and then research until we find the answer that is right for your specific situation.

We know what it takes to ensure your project is a success. We know the warning signs that indicate challenges in your project and will guide you to avoid the path to failure.

After we establish your goals, our focus is bottom-up– on the front line user experience. Just as your business success depends on your employees, the success of your CRM project depends on their feeling involved, listened to, and empowered to deliver a solution that works not only for management, but will make them more successful as well.

We help you to identify your goals and needs, define or redefine your processes with an eye towards automation. We help you ascertain important, non-functional requirements, such as security and ease of use. We will also spend time with front-line users so we know how they work and what we need to do to help them embrace the new solution.

Based on the information obtained in Discovery, we build out and test your custom solution, in single or multiple stages according to what works best for your organization. Then we customize the interface for each type of user in your organization to reduce challenges to adoption.


More important than many managers realize. By training your employees in the use and benefits of the new system we not only speed up your ROI, but we ensure user adoption, without which you run the risk of having wasted your investment in CRM.


We are there for you after the project to help you quickly solve any technical or training issues that pop up. Various support contracts are available.

Raging Sanity Consultants 
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