Kixie boosts sales team performance with ultra-reliable, easily automated calling & texting.

With Kixie, sales teams have the power to achieve their most ambitious goals. It's better sales, made simple

The PowerDialer is just one of the many great Kixie features!

Kixie connects agents to prospects naturally and automatically, reveals valuable insights about conversations and provides truly dependable service. The Kixie platform includes the PowerCall dialer & mobile apps, Automations, Analytics and Contact Center.

Kixie is a world-class Contact Center platform designed to help sales teams, anywhere, prosper. Kixie revolutionizes how salespeople engage with prospects, making it automatic and natural. With tools like automated lead caller and automated event-based SMS, Kixie engages leads when *they* are engaged. Plus, Kixie saves agents hours each day with smart tools like the PowerCall multi-line auto dialer, voicemail drop, local presence dialing, dashboard analytics & reporting, and more. 

Kixie comes with powerful automation tools to make your reps more efficient and automated follow-ups.

Kixie provides advanced analytics so  you can always take the pulse of your operations and identify ways to improve.

Raging Sanity Consultants is an authorized Bronze Kixie Partner. 

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