• Is this really the future of ​​the business environment?

    ​​​​​​Get Real!

    Instead of waiting for some hyped future-tech designed to impress investors rather than actual business users, why not equip your staff with a powerful yet affordable whole business operating system?

    You can with the Zoho ONE suite of business applications for as little as $1.23 per user per day!
Instead of waiting for some hyped future-tech designed to impress investors rather than actual business users, why not equip your staff with a powerful yet affordable whole business operating system?

You can with the Zoho ONE suite of business applications for as little as $1.23 per user per day!
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Don't get us wrong. There likely are some excellent use cases for virtualization in the business environment which would allow things such as 3d inspection of products, or even virtual networking events. But thinking customers or employees want to interact as if they are in an online game just because some tech-overlord says we should doesn't fly with us. And it shouldn't fly with you.

What we all need are solutions that better help us help our customers achieve their goals - and our goals will be met in turn. We want systems that:

  • Let us see the history of a customer's interactions with all departments.
  • Notify us of potential opportunities or when something is about to go off the rails.
  • Automate the boring stuff so our staff can spend more time actually interacting with customers and not their computers.
  • Can give us a snapshot of key business intelligence insights on a convenient dashboard.
  • Analytics that show us what is and isn't working.
  • Keep important tasks from falling through the cracks
  • Are fully mobile enabled so we can do business on the go.

And all of this is possible with a well designed Customer Relationship Management platform - which happens to be our specialty here at Raging Sanity.

And our favorite affordable end-to-end platform is the collection of apps found in the Zoho ONE suite. In fact - it's what we use for business ourselves. For example:
  • This website you are visiting - Done with a Zoho ONE app.
  • The forms you might use on this site, which integrate directly to our CRM system? = another Zoho ONE app.
  • The Online Chat bot in the bottom right, which also collects useful site traffic data for us - It's a Zoho ONE app.
  • The remote assist links and support request forms - those tie into two more Zoho ONE service apps.
  • The system that collects the form submissions, automates a response and let's us know we got a hot lead - That's our Zoho CRM, also included in Zoho ONE!
  • When we need to have you digitally sign documents - yea, we have an app for that in Zoho ONE.
  • When we do a project for you and let you track issues and our hours - That's Zoho Projects, part of Zoho One.
  • When send you a bill, the project app talks to the accounting  app so invoicing is a piece of cake. oh that account app - It's Zoho Books, part of Zoho ONE.
  • When you subscribe to one of our services - it's hardly any effort on our part thanks to the Subscriptions app in Zoho ONE.
  • And when we want to tell the world about the awesome project we just completed - we can send it to all the socials at once and track the results with Zoho ONE's social media management app - Zoho Social.

    Get the picture? I could keep going, because there are over 40 business applications included in Zoho ONE. If you just use a few of them, you are already saving money to get the Zoho ONE suite rather than subscribe to them individually. And all of that power can be put in the hands of your employees for as little as $1.23 per user per month.

Happy users of Zoho One

That's Right!
Over 40 integrated, mobile-ready business applications to help you run your entire business for $1.23 per day per user!* 

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So many sales boosting, productivity enhancing tools at such an incredible price with the Zoho One Bundle!

* This is the price for the Zoho One All Employee Pricing model with an annual subscription and a minimum of 5 employees. You simply purchase a subscription for all employees on your payroll. 

If you have employees that don't use a computer, or don't want a subscription for all employees, there is an annual Flexible User Pricing model which is only $90 per month per user - Still an Amazing Deal!

There are also month to month subscription model that cost a bit more. 

Don't need so many applications? Each can be subscribed à la carte, or in various bundles for the best in flexible pricing so you only pay for what you need!

Contact sales to discover the most cost-effective solution for your organization.

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Trusted by more than 45 million users including Amazon, Netflix, Facebook, Discovery Communications, KPMG, and Columbia University!

​As Featured in Forbes, BusinessLine, ETRise.com, YourStory, betanews,
 PC Magazine, ZDNet, CRMxChange & Small Business Trends!

What's Included?
​Integratable, Mobile-ready versions of the following:


Customer Relationship Management - including workflows and Instant Actions to automate the boring stuff.

SalesIQ - Engage visitors to your site with online chat - yes, it's mobile ready too!

Contact Manager - for those on your team not needing a full CRM.

Motivator - gamification to entice your sales team to their best performance.

Analytics - You can't improve what you can't measure.

SalesInbox - an email client designed specifically for sales people.


Sites - A simple yet powerful way to create, manage, and deploy your websites and landing pages.

Campaigns - Email Marketing, including Auto-responders (drips)

Social - Post and track conversations across multiple social media sites from one place.

Survey - Get the best feedback from your customers.

Forms - Powerful yet simple online forms for lead generation and engagement.

PageSense - Web page optimization tools. Know what your prospects look at, and for how long.

Backstage - Run awesome events.

MarketingHub - integrated marketing automation tools.


Desk - multi-channel help desk solution that helps you prioritize support requests from your customers.Includes a Customer Portal!

Assist - remote troubleshooting tool, also mobile ready!


Mail - a great, secure, ad-free email system for your whole business.

Cliq - Quick, informal messaging to keep teams in the loop.


Projects - plan, track and collaborate on projects - with a portal for your customers too!

Sprints - project Management the Agile way.

Connect - a private social network for your organization and teams.

Showtime - web-conferencing tool that's great for virtual training.

Meeting - browser-based conferencing great for presentations and demos.


Writer - collaborate on documents with this online word processor.

Sheet - powerful collaborative cloud spreadsheets.

Show - collaborate on slide decks for awesome presentations.

Docs - store and share files with teammates, vendors, partners, and customers.

Sign - sign and request signatures with digital documents.

Notebook - simple note-taking tool to help order your life.

Vault - secure management of all your teams' passwords for all their applications.


Books - full online accounting solution, including a portal for your customers to track their invoices and payments.

Invoice - design and track professional invoices that help you get paid.

Subscriptions - for billing customers on a recurring or subscription basis.

Expense - manage receipts, expense reports, and expense approvals.

Inventory - a central IMS for even distributed sales channels or marketplaces.

Checkout - Collect payments online.

Human Resources:

People - manage employees, approvals, performance, and more.

Recruit - helps your in-house recruiter or staffing agency find new talent. 

Business Processes:

Creator - build customer applications to meet your unique business needs.

Flow - visually build connections between your various applications for even better automation.

Analytics - Business Intelligence platform for getting insights on your whole business.

And More, such as browser plug-ins, business card scanner, and apple watch integrations 

among others.

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