Enterprise Level Tools At Small Business Prices

Zoho is a collection of over 40 affordable, integrated applications powerful enough to meet the needs of almost any small to medium sized business. Bundles and à la carte pricing means your team never needs to pay for more software than it uses. Marketing, CRM, Workflow Automation, Email, Event & Project Management, Team Collaboration, Website and Form Design - It's all in there and so much more! We don't know how they do it, but we and our clients are so glad they do!

Amazing & Amazingly Flexible Pricing!

Pricing Zoho can seem a bit confusing but that's only because they embrace a flexible pricing model that ensures that businesses of any size can benefit from Zoho products. Prices range from Free (for a limited 3 user version of CRM) to our favorite Zoho One package which provides access to Zoho's more than 40 applications for only $75 per user per month. We at Raging Sanity can help you figure out the right combination of Zoho applications so that you get the best deal possible. Just click below to contact us, or call 888-509-0367.

Just check out some of these great applications below to discover all that Zoho can do for your business.

Sales & Marketing

Close More Deals In Less Time

Give your Sales and Marketing team the tools they need to really shine. Automate the boring stuff, so they can do what they do best - Connect with your customers!


Sales is about relationships. Tracking them is a breeze with this tool.


Create dynamic forms for use on your website or in your emails.

Sales IQ

Know when someone is on your website and start a chat with them - or let the bots do it.


Share your schedule with your team and get reminders of customer related tasks.


Easy Website Building tool that integrates with CRM, Desk, Forms, SalesIQ and more.


Manage large scale events like conferences and trade shows.


An email inbox designed specifically for sales people. Never let a hot lead fall through the cracks again.


A fun, gamified way to stimulate friendly competition among your sales staff.


Achieve Top of Mind Presence with easily managed email drip campaigns.


Why wait for the mail or drive across town when you can use digital signatures?


Track customer behavior on your website and do some A/B testing to see what works best for your customers.


Manage multiple social channels, schedule posts, and collaborate with your team.


Easy way to create dynamic surveys for your customers.

Email & Collaboration

Create A Harmonious Workplace

Communication and secure information sharing is key to keeping all the right people in the loop. These Tools help you do just that.


Flexible so you can work how you want. Fully Searchable Emails. You can create  automatic routing rules. 


A great team collaboration and communication tool. 


Secure, shareable, cloud-based document management. 


Robust planning, tracking and collaboration on projects. Blueprints cal also automate tasks.


Enterprise intranet collaboration allowing tracking and sharing of discussions, files, forms, and calendars.


Web conference tool for trainers with powerful features such as ratings for students and instructors.


Secure, team based password management tool.


Design, collaborate, broadcast and publish great presentations with this PowerPoint compatible tool.


Project management designed specifically for Agile teams.


Online or Mobile rebrandable webinar and meeting software. Record, share screens, and collect analytics. 


An easy to use knowledge management tool for building your organization's own Wiki Knowledge-base.


Simple, fast and scalable bug tracking program for the developers on your team.


Watch Your Numbers

Knowing what is coming in and going out is critical. These tools make tracking business finances a cinch.


Secure, compliant, collaborative and scalable accounting software with workflow automation features.


Inventory control, stock management, and order fulfillment allows for smooth sales.


Easy to use online invoicing for small businesses owners and freelancers.


Automate and manage expense reporting even from mobile devices.


Manage and automate subscription billing to ensure you get paid on time.


Build your own branded page online to handle one-time and recurring payments.

Help Desk & HR

The Unsung But Critical Back Office Operations

Zoho provides excellent tools for providing support to your customers as well as your staff. A staff you can easily recruit and manage with Zoho's HR tools.


Simple yet powerful context-aware help desk software to help you solve problems fast.


Quick and secure remote desktop and mobile device control tool. Allows attended or unattended access.


Manage website, network, server, cloud, application and user performance.


Organize and automate your HR processes from onboarding to attendance and time tracking.


Powerful recruiting and applicant tracking software.


simple and fast temp staffing tool that manages schedules, time-sheets, and invoicing.

Customization & Automation

Automation, Customization & Business Intelligence - Your Force Multipliers

These tools help you automate the boring stuff, create solutions unique to your business, and quickly analyze what is and isn't making you money.


Allow for building business process workflows integrated with your Zoho apps.


Powerful Business Intelligence reporting tool that provides timely insights into your business operations.


Design and deploy customized applications to meet your unique business needs.