Need Technical Support?

Sometimes reaching out for help saves time, money and frustration. Callers without an active support contract will be billed at our standard hourly rate, at 15 minute intervals. Contact Sales to find out about how our Monthly Support Contracts will give you peace of mind.

Access The Support Portal Here to manage your existing support tickets.


Let our agent help you with the ASSIST remote access tool.

Enter the Session ID given to you by a support agent in the box below, then download and install the Assist tool. This will enable One of our support representatives to access your screen in order to better resolve your issue.

Record your issue using Zoho Quartz, which also captures useful back-end technical data to help us resolve your issue. Click Here!

You can view your submitted recordings on the Quartz Portal.

For those with basic editing skills, Zoho Quartz will also allow you to edit the video with comments, data blurring masks, highlights and arrows.

Screen Recording Image